Any cancellations must be sent by e-mail to Oak Limousine will reply with a cancellation notification e-mail. Please save this e-mail for a reference and as proof of your cancellation. We will not accept any phone cancellations. The date the cancellation notice is received by Oak Limousine, our agents will then determine the applicable cancellation fee. It is recommended but not required that you follow up with a phone call. We take no responsibility for cancellation fees resulting from mistakes, weather issues, double booking, family emergencies, or wrong dates or information. Only if a cancellation is made within 1 hour of the reservation can it be cancelled free of cost. If a cancellation is made, there will be no refund of a deposit provided. Charge backs from credit card issuing banks are also subject to all the above policies.

Point to Point Service Cancellations
Any round trip bookings must be cancelled as two separate reservations. A cancellation fee of 30% of the trips cost plus an additional 20% service charge will be assessed for any cancellation from time of booking up to 12 hours before scheduled pick-up time. Cancellation within 6 hours of the scheduled pick up time will still result in a full charge equivalent to the cost of the trip plus the additional 20% service fee.

A nonrefundable deposit of 20% of the total price is required for reservations with Oak Limousine. Charge backs from credit card issuing banks are subject to all of the above policies.

Hourly Service Cancellations (Applies to all vehicles) 
A nonrefundable, 20% deposit will be charged at the time of your booking. Cancellations within seven days of scheduled pickup time forfeit 100% of the total bill plus the 20% service fee. Charge backs from credit card issuing banks are subject to the aforementioned policies.

No-Show Fee
A no-show fee equal to the trip cost plus a 20% service charge plus any applicable waiting time will be charged if the passenger fails to appear at the agreed meeting place. To avoid this charge, passengers should not leave designated locations without alerting our office by calling 617-669-5642 

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